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Dealerships Are All About Money

Dealerships just want to take your money, and they’ll say anything to get it! Let’s be honest, car dealerships are not known for their great reputations, no matter what make your vehicle is. They are great at what they do, which is making money. Some employees may even go as far as to lie to […]

Smart Keys and Newer Cars

Smart keys, also called fobs, do not to look like your traditional keys. These keys start the car with only the push of a button. As technology progresses, the need to remotely secure our vehicles and control any number of function is getting more and more standardized. Within the last couple of decades, there has […]

Car Keys for European Cars

Our company is able to offer a full range of automotive locksmith services, including lock-and-key service for European vehicles including Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Volvo, Audi, and Volkswagen. Regardless of the vehicle’s year or make, our technicians can generate a replacement key even if you have lost the original. We have the tools necessary to […]

Rekey and Master Key Systems

At Locksmith Near Me locksmiths, we provide rekey and master key system services. To rekey a lock means to replace the inner workings of a lock to allow them to function with a different key cut. This is more cost effective and easier than replacing the entire lock. We provide both commercial rekey and house […]

High Security Locks and Keys

High security locks and keys provide an increased level of protection to your home or business that regular locks do not. These locks are more difficult to open without authorized access, thereby preventing unwanted entry and protecting your personal property and security. One of our most popular lock models is Medeco. These locks use only […]