Dealerships Are All About Money

Dealerships just want to take your money, and they’ll say anything to get it!

Let’s be honest, car dealerships are not known for their great reputations, no matter what make your vehicle is. They are great at what they do, which is making money. Some employees may even go as far as to lie to their customers, just to make them feel comfortable about getting ripped off. This extends to mechanic services at dealerships, not just initial car sales. They will tell you that the only way for you to get a spare or replacement key for your vehicle is through them. THIS IS NOT TRUE. While we definitely recommend using caution when researching and hiring an independent locksmith company to work on your precious automotive, we here at Locksmith Near Me LLC can cut and program your car key for a lower price than the dealership. Don’t believe us? Give your local dealership a call for a quote, and see for yourself how outrageously they charge for the same service. Call us and we will give you an accurate estimate for the same car key. DO NOT TRUST any locksmith company quoting extremely low prices for their services, as these companies will likely surprise you with a greatly increased price after the completion of the service. If it sounds to good to be true, it likely is. 

Smart Keys and Newer Cars

Smart keys, also called fobs, do not to look like your traditional keys. These keys start the car with only the push of a button. As technology progresses, the need to remotely secure our vehicles and control any number of function is getting more and more standardized. Within the last couple of decades, there has been an increase in the number of cars that rely on electronic keys. These typically rely on a set of buttons to command the vehicle from a remote position, and these buttons are placed on what is typically a plastic box attached. These are key fobs.

Smart keys now contain advanced technology designed to increase your level of security. They are typically built with “immobilizers,” which are devices that won’t allow the car to start unless the car’s computer detects that the key is the correct one. This prevents theft by making hotwiring impossible.

While these key fobs increase security and, typically, convenience, there are always problems that can be expected with any and all methods of technology. Smart keys for newer cars are not immune to breaking or malfunction. They can also be misplaced or stolen, or locked in the car. When this happens, we can help you.

Smart Key Replacement and Key Fob Programming

Replacing a smart key or a key fob is not always as easy as it is with another key. Each one is different, dependent upon the make and model of your vehicle. Our advanced Las Vegas locksmiths can take care of these problems for you. We are expertly trained to work with the latest technology to replace or program your smart keys or key fobs.

Calling a locksmith instead of the dealer is a more cost effective option. Our locksmiths will be able to quickly allow you to gain entrance to your vehicle or to repair any mechanical malfunctions that might take place with your smart key or key fob. Smart keys need to be in the presence of the car they are meant to open in order to be programmed, and if you take it to the dealer you will need to pay for it to be towed. Our locksmiths will come directly to you, providing a faster, more effective, and cheaper solution than the dealership could.

While you may be tempted to buy a new smart key online, we advise against that. There is no quality control, and it is difficult to know if what you will receive is actually compatible with your car. Some are of a low-quality, with many of them being made with refurbished chips that are good for only one programming. Because of the risks involved with online smart key sellers, we recommend sticking with us, your trusted locksmiths. We can make, replace or program your smart keys for virtually any newer car models.

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Car Keys for European Cars

Our company is able to offer a full range of automotive locksmith services, including lock-and-key service for European vehicles including Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Volvo, Audi, and Volkswagen. Regardless of the vehicle’s year or make, our technicians can generate a replacement key even if you have lost the original. We have the tools necessary to replace keys in the event that your key has been lost, stolen, or broken, as well as create additional keys so that you have a spare. Our professionals keep up with the latest auto security technology and cutting edge software for key programming. It is important to remember that not all locksmiths are trained to service European makes and models, however, all of our technicians have excelled in intensive courses aimed at servicing European cars.

Mercedes Benz Key Replacement

Don’t let a lost key get in the way of enjoying your luxury car. Contact our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your Mercedes key replacement needs. Why wait 3 days for the dealer to replace your Mercedes car key when we will do it the same day for a lower price?! We care about your car and we strive to make your experience as quick and stress-free as possible.

BMW Key Replacement

Is the key of your BMW not functioning like it used to? Our highly-trained and certified technicians can diagnose and solve the problem, allowing you to get back to your busy schedule with ease. Contact us for a quote on BMW key replacements.

Land Rover Key Replacement

Land Rover is an exceptional car brand that requires exceptional service to diagnose and solve automotive issues. Luckily, our staff exceeds the standards of quality services for quality cars. Contact us about your Land Rover the next time you are in an automotive bind.

Volvo Key Replacement

No matter the make, model, or year of your Volvo, we will resolve your key replacement needs. Our experienced technicians provide immediate onsite services, so do not hesitate to stop by or call.

Audi Key Replacement

Have you lost the original key to your Audi? Don’t panic! We can replace the key to your Audi without the original. Our company proudly offers key replacements for all Audi makes and models.

Volkswagen Key Replacement

Volkswagen keys are typically durable keys, but with the wear and tear of everyday use they can break. This is where our professional technicians come in, we stock the parts to repair or replace and reprogram the key to your Volkswagen and get you back on the road.

European cars are complex models, and we have the tools to make and replace the car keys required for them. While you may think that you need to go directly to the dealer for your european car key solution, you can call us at 888-444-1892 and we can make and program the key for you. Our mobile locksmiths can go to you and provide you the service you need on site. We have the knowledge and expertise to make you all of the keys that you need, making us a superior locksmith in Las Vegas.

Rekey and Master Key Systems

At Locksmith Near Me locksmiths, we provide rekey and master key system services. To rekey a lock means to replace the inner workings of a lock to allow them to function with a different key cut. This is more cost effective and easier than replacing the entire lock. We provide both commercial rekey and house rekey services!

We can master rekey all of your locks to fit with one key, thereby creating an effective master key system. If you have different keys to various rooms or facilities, this may be an ideal option for you to save time and increase convenience. Why stumble over various keys when you could easily access one for all of your locks? Call us to master rekey your locks!

We can make it so that you have access to every lock and every location, with one key. We provide commercial rekey services, so if you’re a business owner, we can make it so that you have access to all locks you need while still only providing necessary access to other employees. We provide excellent quality commercial rekey services for your business.

Benefits of a master key system:

  • A master key system provides optimal security
  • Increased convenience
  • You can more easily control who has access to what doors or facilities.
  • It saves you time so you don’t need to search for or label the correct keys
  • Saves space. One key is far easier to carry than multiple.

There are many reasons a person might want to install a master key system, especially if you are in control or need access to multiple levels, rooms, or units; however, a house rekey can also be beneficial to homeowners who want ease of access to all of their doors and entrances.

In new homes, you can never be certain who had access to your keys. Contractors or construction companies likely had a master key that allowed access to your home, and those keys could have been given to others. When you move into a new house, it’s a good idea to take advantage of our rekeying services to guarantee full key control and security.

There are other reasons you may want to rekey your locks, besides security. Maybe you never got a key copy back from people who have worked in your home or business and you don’t want to risk providing them with access to your facilities. If you feel that there is the need to change your entire hardware, then we can provide you with an easier solution: we can simply change your locks to fit new keys.

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High Security Locks and Keys

High security locks and keys provide an increased level of protection to your home or business that regular locks do not. These locks are more difficult to open without authorized access, thereby preventing unwanted entry and protecting your personal property and security.

One of our most popular lock models is Medeco. These locks use only the highest quality material and are incredibly strong. The keys for Medeco locks are also more difficult to duplicate because only the company that gave you the original key can make any additional copies. This provides you with optimal control over your keys, and therefore over access to your property. This is because they key ways used by Medeco are patent protected, so no locksmith besides the one that made you the keys can have access to that keyway. If a keyway is not patent protected, any locksmith or manufacturer can make copies of your key.

In Medeco locks, there are a number of incorporated anti-theft measures. This includes the quality of the materials: heavier locks and thicker screws, for example. These particular locks are also bump proof. Traditional locks can be manipulated by bump keys; however, these high security locks contain advanced hardware that guards against this. Medeco locks also protect against other types of physical attack, including drilling and picking.

If you’ve ever given a spare key to someone who has access to your home, such as a house sitter or cleaning/pest control service, then that person could have made a copy of your key within a few minutes for only a few dollars. The same stands for your vehicle or business. If you have ever given your keys to a parking attendant or valet service, it’s possible that they could quickly make a copy. Do previous employees have keys to your business that they have not returned?

These are all reasons to consider a high security lock. Unauthorized copies of your keys can not be made, which means that you can rest easier knowing that your most important possessions are protected. Key control is one of the greatest risks to your personal assets, and high security locks such as Medeco offer the highest caliber of key control. Make security a priority and invest in a high quality lock that keeps unwanted entry away.

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