Dealerships Are All About Money

Dealerships just want to take your money, and they’ll say anything to get it!

Let’s be honest, car dealerships are not known for their great reputations, no matter what make your vehicle is. They are great at what they do, which is making money. Some employees may even go as far as to lie to their customers, just to make them feel comfortable about getting ripped off. This extends to mechanic services at dealerships, not just initial car sales. They will tell you that the only way for you to get a spare or replacement key for your vehicle is through them. THIS IS NOT TRUE. While we definitely recommend using caution when researching and hiring an independent locksmith company to work on your precious automotive, we here at Locksmith Near Me LLC can cut and program your car key for a lower price than the dealership. Don’t believe us? Give your local dealership a call for a quote, and see for yourself how outrageously they charge for the same service. Call us and we will give you an accurate estimate for the same car key. DO NOT TRUST any locksmith company quoting extremely low prices for their services, as these companies will likely surprise you with a greatly increased price after the completion of the service. If it sounds to good to be true, it likely is. 

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