Unlock the locker

Can a locksmith company help me open a safe?

If anyone can help you retrieve your valuables from a locked safe, it is a professional locksmith. Although the methods companies will need to use to gain access will likely render your safe unusable, at least you will be reunited with the essentials inside. Or perhaps your late-great grandmother left behind a locked box that you have been unable to breach. Whatever the case may be, locksmith companies will likely need to use severe methods to get access to the inside of the safe (they are not meant to be broken into, after all). Examples may include drilling and cutting. This can sometimes be a long, tedious process, depending on the mechanics of the vault, so prices will vary. Call now with a detailed description of your locker, strong-box, or other type of  safe, and we, at Locksmith Near Me, can give you an idea of what measures may be needed to help you out.


Many locksmith companies will require some type of verification as to your ownership to the safe or a signed document with a copy of your ID stating that you are claiming ownership. This is to protect the company from liability.