Rekey and Master Key Systems

Rekey and Master Key Systems

At Locksmith Near Me locksmiths, we provide rekey and master key system services. To rekey a lock means to replace the inner workings of a lock to allow them to function with a different key cut. This is more cost effective and easier than replacing the entire lock. We provide both commercial rekey and house rekey services!

We can master rekey all of your locks to fit with one key, thereby creating an effective master key system. If you have different keys to various rooms or facilities, this may be an ideal option for you to save time and increase convenience. Why stumble over various keys when you could easily access one for all of your locks? Call us to master rekey your locks!

We can make it so that you have access to every lock and every location, with one key. We provide commercial rekey services, so if you’re a business owner, we can make it so that you have access to all locks you need while still only providing necessary access to other employees. We provide excellent quality commercial rekey services for your business.

Benefits of a master key system:

  • A master key system provides optimal security
  • Increased convenience
  • You can more easily control who has access to what doors or facilities.
  • It saves you time so you don’t need to search for or label the correct keys
  • Saves space. One key is far easier to carry than multiple.

There are many reasons a person might want to install a master key system, especially if you are in control or need access to multiple levels, rooms, or units; however, a house rekey can also be beneficial to homeowners who want ease of access to all of their doors and entrances.

In new homes, you can never be certain who had access to your keys. Contractors or construction companies likely had a master key that allowed access to your home, and those keys could have been given to others. When you move into a new house, it’s a good idea to take advantage of our rekeying services to guarantee full key control and security.

There are other reasons you may want to rekey your locks, besides security. Maybe you never got a key copy back from people who have worked in your home or business and you don’t want to risk providing them with access to your facilities. If you feel that there is the need to change your entire hardware, then we can provide you with an easier solution: we can simply change your locks to fit new keys.

Call us to ask about our rekey and master key services!

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